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Aspire to create a prewedding and wedding experience more than what meets the eyes.

Lucas Edo

Admiring the unseen.

January - 11 - 1996, My Grandpa wrote down a notes on the back of a photograph that I took, I was 6 years old back then. He said, “ I sat down at the porch on this evening while enjoying my cigarette. In a sudden ,Edo came out of no where and took this picture of me with his camera, I didn’t expect the result could be this good”. My grandpa was the first person that realize my interest in photography.

Growing up in a small city surrounded with nature, I spent a lot of time in nature, and inspired by everything around me. The color of the vivid blue sky, the smell of wet ground, the sound of river, and I often drew them on paper..I also got a lot of troubles on my school days because I drew anything that comes in my minds on my books.. :) I love the way it brings back the feelings and memories of those moments, every time I saw that drawings.. even today.

I also admire my Dad’s painting, sculpture, and art craft. He really is my biggest inspiration, especially on my art journey. I still remember every bold strokes on his paintings, the odd way he shape his horse sculpture that somehow fascinated me. It still gave me the same chill as I saw Rembrandt’s paintings every time i recalls those little details.. And these memories always with me along my journey to become a photographer. 

Now, as a professional wedding photographer, I want to deliver art pieces that comes with feelings in it. I don’t want a blunt plain visual images, I want to capture moments, feelings , connection between couples and preserve them in my photographs.

 I hope my art works will be a treasure to keep and a mementos to cherish.

Ricky Mueller

As above so below.

I wanted to fulfill my passion and journey as a photographer because through every picture you can express an emotion, meaning and you can feel inspired just by looking at it. 

Back at university, i felt that curiosity through one of my lectures photowork and “dark room” techniques. since then it open a gate of mind to get to know more about photography. 

Also, i could say it runs in my blood from my mom. She likes to captured and collect joyful moments from family events with an old analog camera. Through that lens, it produced a loving memory that can be kept many years as a forever reminder for ourself. 

not only through objects and people, i also find it fascinating and inspiring when it comes to nature. the warmth that i can feel through the colour of autumn season, the breezy air that feels refreshing, it can create some sort of warm and intimate mood.

Choosing this path as a wedding photographer allows myself to explored different sides of story that can only be kept as a memory in one single frame. Nothing can be changed and undone in one take, for forever.

Michael Omar

Simply beauty.

Samuel Rustandy

Soulful visual art.

In my young age, never in my state of mind, this is the path that i will take to be a photographer. As i looked back at my old school days, i used to captured lots of different moment and expression of things and people that surround me using only what i had which is a small cellphone camera and  maybe that’s what made me more curious about photography. 

Details, emotion, expression, gesture are the small things that made me feel the joy through every single picture.
They are very important parts of the storyline to compose every meaningful picture. 

Never show your audience what they can already see when they look at things in real life. Instead, you want to give them an abbreviated version of the scene that will make them try to visualize what lies beyond the borders of your frame. You don't always have to show the whole thing. Sometimes, even a single abbreviated detail can be a powerful image and message.

Hi, I’m Sam
let me be a part of your special day !  :)

Clayton Bagaskara

Made from clay.

Dody Setiawan Lim

An honest emotion.

Felix Leander

Professional overthinker.

Chandra Susanto

Magic happens everyday.

Morden Team

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